Clint Reid

Clint Reid

What can I say about clint the guy froths on heavy waves and getting tubed and man he knows how to do both I have seen him get tubes were I have stop watching only to see him come out,he also knows how to put the board on a rail with nice turns and can slide the tail and a few airs to boot a real good all round water man, tow surfing, step off or paddling clint just does it.Have been making clints boards now for the last 5 or 6 years and have loved the wide range of boards he rides and gets me to make What does he ride ? A 5`8`` supa pud for small waves , 5`11`` rd tail quad for allround surfing , 6`1`` thumb tail thruster , 6`6``rd pin , 7` pin and  also a 5`10`` step off toe board

board1 clint reid board2 clint reid DSCF5009 3

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