Alex Dive

Alex Dive

 I have been making Alex`s boards since he was a grommet and have watch him grow from a frothing grommet to a frothing man ,Alex surfs with a great flow to his turns and just loves getting tubed like we all do, he had great success competing as a grommet doing the Billabong junior pro`s with a 3rd place at raglan being his best result, but now is more focused on chasing good waves but in saying that just scored a 3rd in the 2015 nationals in the open ,last year he traveled through indo , Europe and finally to Ireland. What does he ride well mainly a design we have slowly be refining which is a 5`10``x 18 3/4`` x 2 1/4`` 25 4 liters and a KP model which is the same  board but thicker at 26 liters and a 5`8`` supa pud , I have just given him a 5`10`` semi pud model same diamension and he is frothing on that and ordered more ,


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