I got asked the other day out in the surf how long does a board last before it has lost that spark from when it was new I said I have one that`s 2 years old I might not surf it all the time but when I hop on to it maybe 2 waves later it`s like I never hopped of it 'in the right waves for that board' then i said it depends which board I choose to ride aswell. As a surfer/shaper I am always riding something different that I have made . Be it different size but mainly a different design as I think that is really important being a shaper so you can feel the different design aspects so you can put the right board under the right surfer for his or her needs  and make the slight changes in the design to get it just right, don`t you think? So here is my qiuver starting from the front is my 5`10``mini me model and my 5`8`` single fin then from left to right 5`5``not sure model,5`7``semi pud model,5`9`` Quad,5`10``six channel,6`step up Quad,6`2``step up,9`1``semi performance mal, and finally my 8`8``sup I designed for liqiud stixx`s. In the next couple of weeks i will go in to more detail on each boards design and what waves they will suit. cheers andy jordan

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