Twin Fins

Twin Fins

This passed year have been really looking at the twin fin design and have done lots of work on it, we started with a single wing swollow with a light single concave running into a double concave in a spiral vee, then later we added 4 channels in to the design giving it  abit more grip ,then the wing got taken out and now final we are down to 2 channels no wing but the same bottom cotours but with a very slight vee in the nose . Fins have been moved back for more drive . Some guys are going for a stabalizer in the back so they can fix it up a bit. So now we have a really fast board that loves to be put on rail and turn , great for small waves up to 4 feet but can be made to ride bigger by changing the out line and putting the stabalizer in. Some have glass on fins or mainly using future plugs to handle the bigger fin size.

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