Quiver small to all round fun

Quiver small to all round fun

These two are so much fun the` the not sure ` 5`5`` x 19 1/4``x2 3/8``is a small wave demon really fast quad that turns on a dime had a really good surfer in japan ask to have a go on it this year first wave was a air and paddles out saying andy sun this board is really fast .Then comes the` semi pud` 5`7``x 19``x 2 3/8`` my favourite all round board can surf it in 2ft and up to 5ft really fast and drivey but still quick off the top been really popular with who ever gets one same guy in japan seen me surfing it and wanted to look at my board one day after I was surfing a 5ft typhoon swell then asked if it was a Australian baord this is before he knew i was a shaper ! both have future fins Go to the board section on my website for more detail into both designs

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