These two boards are so easy and fun to ride my 5`8``x 19 1/4``x 2 3/8`` 28 liters rd tail single has a slight modern feel to it with a bit more foiled out at the ends flattish deck with a nice rolled rail light single to double with vee esay to catch waves doesn`t have the instance spark of a thruster or quad but still get up to good speed and once you work out the fin you can still go vertical i`ve surfed this from 2 ft to 5 ft, The 5`10``x 20``x 2 1/2``31 liters nose concave to night vee double concaves ' mini me 'is a great small wave board. Has a bit of a longboard feel and glide but still really easy to turn tight   and lay the rail over and i can even get 5 toes over the nose paddles like a demon can be riden as a single or smaller box fin and some side bits but I mainly ride it as a single fin when my wife hasn`t grabbed it before I get home! 'pray for surf' 

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