Big Boys Board

We have a few different types of big boy boards, this one I call the carver,for the guy who wants paddle power and who likes to lay the rail over and handle some juice. Size range from 6'10" to 7' 6" with width and thickness depending on the rider. The bottom has a single to double concave with hard tail rails softening as it goes, rocker is a medium curve throughout the board with no flats and a releasing tail curve that will still give you drive.

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    BIG BOY BOARD PART 2: This design is a bit smaller than the mark 1, 6'6" to 7' and has a fuller outline and a flatter rocker with a single to double concave with a light vee through the fins . The deck is slightly flatter, giving a fuller rail. Suits a surfer who wants a good paddler, stable board, for up to 5ft waves. This design can be a thruster or quad.

    big boys board 2

  • We can do resin tinted colours on your new board to give it a old school type look . Also we do gloss and polish finishes as well.

    resin tinted surfboards nz

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