andy jordan tubeAndy Jordan, Shaper

Born 1963, Tauranga, and surfing since 1974. Andy travelled overseas in his early years, making boards under the tutelage of Jim Carney at the Mount around1985. Since then he’s lived at the Mount shaping boards and travelling overseas a couple of times a year testing designs and shaping overseas custom contracts.After 20 years of hand shaping, andy now for the last 5 years been useing the aku computer shaping program .

New Zealand team member at the world champs in 1990, and Multiple national final appearances with one national title under his belt. These days Andy would rather sponsor good surfers to compete so he has time for surfing and designing new models and other pass times like sailing and playing bad golf. Based in Tyne Street Mount Maunganui, Andy shapes quality custom made short and longboards,fishs and everything inbertween . Andy’s boards are sprayed by local artist 'sussie spray maker' who has 30 years experience spraying boards. Glassing and sanding is done by Richard Peake who has been working with Andy solely for the last 18years.

When Andy isn’t shaping he is often seen in the tube at the Island or looking for his golf ball

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